Good Friday is a national holiday in Bermuda and this is the first time I’ve ever been on the island for it! Which is very sad indeed, because – all religious intentions aside – this is definitely my favorite celebration. It’s a kite festival, go-cart race, hot dog eating contest, and communal picnic with fish cakes and hot cross buns.

In the weeks leading up to Easter, everybody makes traditional kites with tissue paper and craft glue. (The true old-timers make their own frames too, but I bought mine already set up from the local pharmacy.) They punch a few holes and string it up with a big ol’ roll of hemp twine… then watch it slowly get destroyed on Good Friday via transport and high winds. The pros can get their kites up really high and leash it to a gazebo during the festival. On Easter Sunday, the kites are then purposely crashed into the ocean to disintegrate the tissue paper and free up the frame for reuse the following year.

Despite my questionable kite-flying skills and multiple crashes, Alex and I still managed to make it into The Royal Gazette the following morning.