NASA EVS-2 Mission: COral Reef Airborne Laboratory (2016-2019)
Research Technician, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

"Characterizing Diffuse Attenuation of Reef and Adjacent Waters in Hawaii and Bermuda" (2018)
Oral Presentation, Ocean Optics XXIV

"Underwater Photomosaics for Validation of Remotely Sensed Shallow Seafloor Community Maps" (2018)
Poster Presentation, HyspIRI and Surface Biology and Geology Science and Applications Workshop

"In-Water Photomosaic Validation of Remote Sensing Benthic Community Maps" (2018)
Oral Presentation, ASLO Ocean Sciences Conference

"Coral Reef Condition Across the Hawaiian Archipelago and Relationship to Environmental Forcing" (2017)
Oral Presentation for Dr. Eric Hochberg, NASA Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting Meeting

"Using High-Resolution Photomosaicking Techniques to Validate Benthic Cover Data from Remote Sensing Technologies" (2017)
Oral Presentation, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Conference

Freshwater Drainage Impact on Coral Reef Community (2014)
Field Technician, West Maui

"Optical Index for Assessment of Coral Physiological Status" (2014)
Poster Presentation, ASLO Ocean Sciences Conference

"Influences of Light and Temperature on Coral Bio-Optics" (2011)
REU Scholarship Project, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences


NASA Earth Expeditions: The Magic of the Marianas and Micronesia
NASA Earth Expeditions: Coral Reef Close-up
Nature: Marine ecologists take to the skies to study coral reefs


Career Track: Data Scientist with Python (2018)
DataCamp, Certificate of Completion

Calibration & Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing (2017)
Darling Marine Center, University of Maine

Monitoring the Oceans from Space (2017)
EUMETSAT, Certificate of Achievement

Bachelor of Science: Earth Science (2013)
Portland State University, Oregon

Associate of Arts: Liberal Arts (2007)
Washtenaw Community College, Michigan


Teaching Assistant: Coral Reef Ecology, Underwater Research Methodology (2013-14)
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Laboratory Internship: Oceanography (2012-13)
Coral Reef Ecology & Optics Laboratory, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Research Assistant: Education and Statistics (2008-12)
Pacific Research Associates, Oregon

Research Assistant: Volcanology (2011)
Portland State University, Oregon

Research Assistant: Environmental Science and Management (2009)
Portland State University, Oregon


Photomosaicking, Spectrophotometry, Underwater Transects, CPCe, Water Quality Sampling and Data Collection, Sonde Deployment, Suspended Sediment Filtering, Seawater Chlorophyll Filtering and Extraction, Symbiodinium Isolation and Measurement, Winkler Titration, HOBO Temperature Logger, LI-COR Data Logger, Optical Microscopy, Bathymetry, GPS Navigation

ENVI, Python, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Agisoft PhotoScan Pro, HydroLight, Biospherical Profiler

300+ Logged Scientific Dives

2016 - Queensland Marine Licence Indicator
2016 - Emergency Responder CPR/First Aid
2016 - PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider
2016 - BoatUS Hawaii State Boating Safety Course
2014 - AAUS Scientific Diver (100 ft)
2014 - SSI Dry Suit Diver
2012 - PADI Rescue Diver
2012 - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
2012 - Small Boat Safety
2010 - NAUI Open Water Diver