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  • Cooked

    This documentary just impacted my whole mindset about food.

    I consider myself relatively educated about what I eat, where it came from, and how it got onto my plate. I love a good Kraft mac n' cheese (mmm, chemical powder), but both my upbringing and choice of friends have exposed me to the benefits of consistently using natural, whole-nutrition products. I will never stop eating meat, nor gluten. I've seen microbial proof that bacteria is a good thing. I love alcohol for many more reasons than "it gets me drunk." In short, documentaries like this one are preaching to the choir, babe. So what happened?

    There were no horrific scenes of mass-market, eyeless chicken stalls or, alternatively, whimsical sunsets behind free range cows who listen to Bach during their daily two-hour petting session. All Michael Pollan did was present basic information about the history and evolution of the human relationship with food. It just happens to be in a manner so simple, so informative, and so pretty that it fermented a sentimentality I didn't know I had.

    I'm now interested in trying to make my own bread. I absorbed a base knowledge for how cheeses develop into specific styles. And the chocolate - jesus christ, the chocolate. I never realized how far removed we are from this standard American food product until I watched a cacao harvest. Do you know how that bean grows!? I bet $100 you don't.

    I think the point here is that Cooked wasn't a mind explosion. It didn't have to be. It explained a few things I had already heard of and articulated why food is important to humans, both as individuals and as a society. What blew my mind is that nobody's ever said it like this before.

    Anyway. Nice job Michael Pollan. Highly recommended.