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  • Testing 1, 2, 4

    This week Eric handed me a GoPro Hero 4 and asked for footage of my experiences during the field campaigns. I guess that means I have to learn how to use it.

    Mochi squashed the competition for a starring role in the trial run.

  • Moon Rabbit

    There's a rabbit hutch on campus that currently houses almost 20 "accident" bunnies looking for good homes. I made the giant mistake of stopping by every day to visit.

    Meet Mochi! My new sweet lil' bun.

    He's about 8 weeks old and ready to leave the family, so I'm suddenly in a hurry to collect rabbit supplies and build an apartment hutch. I decided to use an idea from pinterest and convert an old dresser. Lo and behold, the very first thing outside the thrift store today was a supply cabinet! With an extra deep bed! In decent condition! It was clearly a sign of deliverance from the bunny gods.

    My plan is to pull out the drawers, nail in a thick shelf for the second floor, build a little chicken ladder, put down ceramic tiles (non-porous, easy to clean, help stay cool), and put grid wire across the front openings. The left side will swing open as a latched door. I've clearly got my work cut out for me this weekend.

    ...And so begins my life as a pet owner. I've already accepted the unfortunate side effect of annoying everyone around me with excessive baby photos. But just look how cute his gray paws are! Eeee!