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  • 10 Days and Counting

    A major part of any dive project is making sure everybody's AAUS Science Diving qualifications are up-to-date. It was a terribly sad morning for all of us on the BIOS CORAL team, who had to take a boat out in the beautiful weather and do checkout dives at North Rock.

    Puddingwife Wrasse (Halichoeres radiatus) - These guys are notoriously curious and fearless. As usual, there were a few circling our crew during the checkouts.

    Greater Soapfish (Rypticus saponaceus) - I've never noticed this fish in Bermuda before! They often exhibit strange behavior, for example, this one was laying flat on his side in the sand. His mottled skin was good camouflage, and he looked supremely annoyed when I nudged him up to take a picture.

    Queen Parrotfish, Terminal Phase (Scarus vetula) - A prominent, vital species in Bermuda reef ecosystems, parrotfish work tirelessly to crunch up bits of algae and produce new sand.

    Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) - It's always fun to find a big ol' lobster sitting out on his front porch. They're mostly nocturnal, taking refuge in little caves like this during the day when predators are active.