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  • Look Ma, I'm a Functional Adult!

    Relocating to an island is not easy. Bermuda is a particuarly rough place to move because it's really small, immigration is tight, there's no natural resources, the salt ruins everything, the humidity ruins everything, and the bugs ruin everything. There's no Target. Everything at the "dollar" store costs at least $2.50. And buying overpriced, barely-fresh groceries every week is painful. Please note: I am fully aware of how privileged my American life is.

    Luckily, I absolutely love my apartment! I got a corner studio with a full kitchen, bathroom, and closet. It's big enough to hang out in and small enough to keep my living style simple. It has a ton of natural light, full privacy, and there's some fruit trees nearby (avocados, loquats, starfruit).

    I spent most of my first week on a quest for affordable basic living supplies. The institute lent me some bedding and linens, my shower now has hot water, and there are actually utensils in the kitchen drawer. I'm finally starting to feel like a normal person! I have a lot of DIY design ideas, so I took a couple BEFORE pics this morning, for posterity. We'll see how long it takes to make it adorable.