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  • First Up: The Big Island of Hawai'i!

    Some field work on Kona was abruptly dropped into my lap last week. I pulled some organizational acrobatics and get to fly out early Saturday morning for my first NASA research site. Unfortunately, I'm a little out of date on the AAUS diving requirements and can only perform dive work up to 30 ft. Boats, 78°F, and volcanoes - totally sucks, right?

    If you haven't used Google's new My Maps, it's brilliant. I'm going to start logging all of our field sites here, adding in foodie stops and hangouts along the way. The key is pretty easy:

    • Home Icon: My home base for the duration of the work
    • Red Drops: Targeted field sites
    • Airplane + Path: Target airplane flyover routes

    The work will go something like this... Eric's colleague is going to fly an airplane along the west coast, taking consecutive high-res images that we can use to map portions of the reef. Our team will trail the flight path by boat, taking various environmental measurements with both handheld instruments and probes deployed over the side. The next couple of days will be diving and snorkeling to collect underwater imagery and spectral measurements of the actual corals.

    I'm doing my best to rack up 12 dives, so I can level up by the time I get to Bermuda. (Or should I say level down? Eh? Eh?)